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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Breakwater Vision?

An inclusive, liveable neighbourhood that will:

Where is the site?

Breakwater is within Robina and Merrimac.

It is ideal for new housing as it is close to the Robina Rail Station, hospital, Robina Town Centre, the Central Park, the Pacific Motorway and existing neighbourhoods.

How big is it?

Breakwater is just over 73 hectares.

We will be improving adjoining state land, so the total area is 88.6 hectares

What's planned?

The Breakwater master-plan includes public and community parkland, lakes and rehabilitated natural areas, which will have new paths and cycle ways connecting existing neighbourhoods through the Breakwater development and to Robina Station and the town centre.

There will be a community hub of around 1,000 square metres, where there will be local shops, services and entertainment.

New neighbourhoods will accommodate 1,500 new homes for about 2,800 new residents.

It proposes a mix of housing options including townhouses and apartments, which range from three to eight storeys.

New road connections will link Breakwater to Highfield Drive and Robina Town Centre Drive.

The master-plan has the potential to include other uses that will support the community, for example, shops, offices, services, schools or education facilities or aged care and retirement living.

What is allowed on the site now?

In 2008 a total of 511 new houses and 8 storey apartment buildings were approved, with all cars entering and leaving via Breakwater Road.

How long will Breakwater take to build?

We anticipate the project to be delivered in stages over 10 years with construction starting about 2021.

The exact time will ultimately depend on demand for new housing, so it may be quicker, or it may take longer.

Won’t the new houses and roads get flooded? Won’t that be dangerous?

New neighbourhoods will be built up above the flood levels, and flood and storm water will be directed into channels and through the site.

Each neighbourhood will be linked by new roads that are above the flood level, so people will be able to move in and out of Breakwater during a flood.

Will there be benefits for the existing community?

The Project Benefits page outlines the statement of benefits.

What new services and infrastructure will be provided? Who will pay for them?

Walker is responsible for providing roads, water, sewer, electricity and telecommunications, which will meet government standards.

They will be installed to coincide with construction of new Breakwater neighbourhoods.

What’s the planning process for this project?

A development application for Breakwater was submitted to the City of Gold Coast (Council) for assessment on June 2017.

Council issued a request for further information in August 2017 and a response was provided to Council in March 2018.

The development application was advertised in accordance with the relevant planning legislation from 9 April 2018 – 5 June 2018.

Unfortunately, information that Walker provided to Council in March 2018 was not easily accessible when the development application documents were uploaded to the PD Online website by Council. We are committed to openly providing the community with information about the proposed development, so we decided to re-notify the Breakwater Robina development application from 16 July to 4 September 2018.

Walker has worked closely with the community and Council throughout 2019 to ensure our vision for a new Breakwater community is developed through a local and collaborative planning approach. On 25 February 2020, we lodged a minor change to our development application with the City of Gold Coast Council following the Council’s and community’s feedback.

A copy of the application is available at: with application number MCU201700959.

Council will continue to assess and then determine the application.

In the event that Council approves the current development application, numerous other development applications will be required to be lodged and approved prior to works commencing.

What if we object to Breakwater and the plans?

The Walker team welcomes feedback on our proposal and we are committed to working with local residents and businesses to develop ways to manage potential impacts of the development.

We invite the community to continue to engage with us about the proposal. We are happy to answer your questions, and take your feedback on board.

Council will ultimately determine whether Breakwater can go ahead, and they will consider the views of the community when they make that determination.

When does feedback have to be provided?

The re-notification of the development application will occur from 16 July 2018 – 5 September 2018 and submissions can be made to Council during this time. More information is available on

Feedback to Walker can be provided at any time.

Additionally, the Walker team will issue Newsletters and website updates to keep the community up to date, and will respond to questions, concerns or feedback.

What are contact details for questions, concerns and feedback?

The Walker team can be contacted:

Council information on planning and building is available on the Gold Coast City Council website.